The participants of the summer camp “Sources of tolerance” visited the Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews.

On the 18th of July in the framework of “the Jewish day” the participants of the summer camp “Sources of tolerance”, that is being held at the tourist resort “Soniachna dolyna” these days, visited the Chernivtsi Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews. The children were getting to know the history and culture (tradition) of the Jewish people by means of games, dances, songs and art activites.

The participants of the camp listened to stories about the life of the Jewish community in Bukovina in the late 19th – first half of the 20th centuries, told by the museum’s staff and together with them they visited the most known Jewish sites in Chernivtsi. The older groups also went to the former synagogue in Novoselytsia, where remains of wall paintings were preserved. Mykola Kushnir, the director of the museum, and Natalia Bakulina, the director of the camp, told the children about peculiarities of the Jewish religion, synagogue rituals, meaning of religious symbols etc.

The children were very interested in the museum’s objects, asked questions about their purposes and tried matzah. At the end of the day the participants of the camp admitted that getting to know other peoples’ culture is not only useful, but interesting as well.

The youngest participants of the camp are drawing museum’s exhibits that they are interested in.


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Dancing and singing


A piece of matzah for everyone


Myroslav Grinberg, one of the camp’s leaders, tells children about the Jewish tradition

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Kids are paying attention to the museum’s exhibits

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Participants of the camp during an excursion to Novoselytsia


Natalia Bakulina, the director of the camp, explains the meaning of certain synagogue wall paintings

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Participants of the camp in the former synagogue in Novoselytsia

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