The memorial sign “Stolperschwelle” had to be canceled

Dear followers of our Facebook page, friends and colleagues,
Today when we had everything prepared for the announced solemn installation of the memorial sign “Stolperschwelle” near the future Ivan Mykolaichuk Cinema and Art Center in Holovna Street, 140, we received bad news from customs in Kyiv. Because of problems in the computer systems, caused by cyber attacks, the commemorative sign, which was made in Germany, did not get customs clearance in time, so therefore it could not be delivered to Chernivtsi.
Thus, under these circumstances the expected event with the participation of the German artist Gunter Demnig, local authorities and many invited guests, which was planned to take place on 2nd of July, had to be canceled, unfortunately.
Together with the Chernivtsi City Council, our museum did a huge amount of preparation work, that is why we are very sad, that state bureaucracy again turned out to be stronger than the good will of people.
We are very sorry, we apologize, but at the same time we assure you that we will complete our task successfully.


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