Children representatives of ethnic minorities of Ukraine will take part in unique project for inter-ethnic peace

United Ukraine begins with a child !

Press-announcement of International inter-ethnic children school “Sources of Tolerance”.

Press contacts: Anna Yakutenko, press-secretary: 063 063 55 26

Anna Lenchovska, project leader: 050 352 48 63

Nataliia Bakulina, school director: 067 936 93 21

Myroslav Grinbergsenior tutor consultant: 067 929 63 87


Toler-2014Internally displaced children from Crimea and Donetsk region, children from anti-terrorist operation zone, representatives of ethnic minorities of Ukraine will take part in unique project for inter-ethnic peace.

Summer school “Sources of Tolerance” will take part on July 11 – 24 in “Soniachna Dolyna” (v. Boiany Chernivtsy region). Summer school is organized by the Congress of national minorities of Ukraine.Gala opening will take place at 20.00 on July 11.

International inter-ethnic summer school “Sources of Tolerance” is a platform for communication of various national minorities of Ukraine. The project is created to foster peaceful coexistence, to lower inter-ethnic prejudice, xenophobia, Islamophobia and anti — Semitism, to learn about traditions of various cultures through the game. Communicating with each other they learn how to cooperate and take to the account cultural differences and to respect other ethnic groups. Participants will develop skills of tolerant communication and action for human rights.

This year alongside with days of ethnic cultures thematic days will be conducted: “Building bridges, not walls”, “Day of Peace”, “Day of Media Literacy” and other educational activities. Their main goal is to develop critical thinking and to teach tolerant attitude to diversity. A special attention will be drawn to rehabilitation of children from stress caused by tensed social-political situation in the country.

School participants: children representatives of national minorities of Ukraine – Assyrian, Bulgarian, Armenian, Greek, Jewish, Crimean Tatar, Lithuanian, Moroccan, German, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Syrian, a big group of Ukrainians. Addressing current situation in Ukraine the organizers have invited free of charge internally displaced children and children who live at dangerous territories of Donbass and Crimea regions.

The summer school is working on the unique author educational method of plunging into ethnic cultures. The tutors work at secondary schools of Ukraine and in ethnic communities. More then a half of tutors are former graduates of the project. Civic activists and human rights experts are invited to join the program: director of the Center of civic liberties and author of “Euromaidan SOS” Olexandra Delemenchuk, trainers of International Criminal Court Model Olga Morkova and Katya Chernii, author of teacher guides on civic education Sasha Voitenko, forum theater jokers Kira Kreiderman, Andrii Knyzhnyy and Yana Salahova.

The summer school 2014 is organized with the financial support of “Infopulse – Ukraine”, Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands, The International Renaissance Foundation, project “Ukrainian – Jewish encounter”, charitable donations of parents, spa resort and hotel“Sunny valley”. Organizational support was provided by Kyiv office the Euro-Asian Jewish congress, Kyiv educational center “Tolerspace”, The Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews .

Schedule: 11.07 gala opening, 12.07 “Building bridges, not walls”, 13.07 “Ukrainian day”, 14.07 Crimean Tatar Day”, 15.07 Armenian Day, 16.07 Media Day, 17.07 German Day, 18.07 Jewish Day, 19.07 Russian Day, 20.07 Peace Day, 21.07 Rumanian Day, 22.07 Festival of Cultures, 23.07 Final Gala Festival, 24.07 Departure.

We invite representatives of international mission, embassies and journalists to visit the Summer School “Sources of Tolerance”.

Information: The project of Children inter-ethnic school “Sources of Tolerance” acts since 2002. The school is conducted every summer and lasts depending on funding 12 to 21 days in various places of Ukraine. To participate at summer school children and teenagers are writing an essay or drawing a picture about peace, or illustrating video-testimonies of the USC Shoah Foundation. Since 2008 the project invites children refugees and victims of war conflicts. More about project activities of “The Sources of Tolerance” is on the website:

In 2014 the summer school will be conducted in:

resort «Сонячна долина»

Chernivtsy region,

Boiany village, 18 km from Chernivtsy.


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