Football against racism

From the time of its foundation the Museum has been paying much attention to issues of inter-ethnic understanding, tolerance and harmony. In this tradition from the beginning of April a realization of a new project has been started. It is an initiative of the Congress of National Minorities of Ukraine which is called “Football against racism” and aims at getting youth’s attention to the problem of racial discrimination. The project will be held in four cities of Ukraine: Lviv, Mukachevo, Yalta and Chernivtsi.
FootballOur museum is responsible for the Chernivtsi part of the project. It will start on the 11th of April with a workshop for students of local universities. The football match, which will be held between two teems of players of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, is expected to be a very interesting and spectacular event. The date and the time of this match will be announced on the website later. Everyone who is interested in taking part in the football match or in the project in general is welcomed to address us either per phone 099-027-14-39 or per e-mail:
We will inform you about the further developments of the project.

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