Matzah Pizza, Matzah S’more

Dear friends, our sincerest wishes on the occasion of the great Jewish holiday – Pesach!

This month we are presenting you two recipes of Michele, who is living in Berlin but was born in New York. She is describing these recipes as “go-to treats” for teenagers and children during the eight days of Passover.

Matzah Pizza
Tomato/Pizza Sauce
Spices (Oregano, Thyme, Salt, Pepper)
Put the Matzah on a baking plate, spread the sauce on it and garnish the Matzah with cheese (in our example Feta). Then add some spices and put the pizza in the oven for some minutes. If you like you can add some oil.


Matzah S’more
Kosher Marshmallows

Cut the Matzah in little pieces and put on every second piece some chocolate. Then grill the Marshmallows (over a campfire, a candle or a gas cooker) till it caramelized and turned brown-golden. Put the hot Marshmallows on the chocolate and top it with another piece of Matzah. If you like you can now warm the S´mores in the oven until the chocolate is softly melted.


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