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Hag Pesach sameach!

Dear visitors of our website the great Jewish holiday Pesach is coming! Pesach is the holiday of liberation, spring and renewal, it celebrates the end of Jewish slavery in Egypt. Back then the spirit of freedom won over all the fears of difficulties on the way to the Land of Israel. That is why we […]

A Letter of Concern by Ukrainian Historians

A Letter of Concern by Ukrainian Historians Regarding the Plans to Construct the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center. On September 28, 2016, during the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Babyn Yar tragedy in Kyiv a plan was announced to create Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center (http://prostir.museum/ua/post/38005). The project was initiated by Russian billionaires of […]

Hag Purim sameach!

Dear visitors of our website, we congratulate you on this bright and joyous holiday Purim! May this wonderful holiday fill you with optimism and warmness. Let the good example of Esther and Mordechai give you enough power and strengthen your belief that all temporary problems and hardships will be over soon and that any difficult […]

Babyn Yar: Memory against History’s Background

Dear colleagues! From now on, the website of the Public Committee for commemorating of Babyn Yar victims offers the virtual exhibition «Babyn Yar: Memory against History’s Background». The virtual exhibition is created based on the materials of the multimedia exhibition, which was conducted in the Kyiv History Museum from September 15 to November 27, 2016, […]

Wall Paintings in Bukovinian Synagogues

Dear visitors of our website, Out exhibition debut took place on 3rd of March in the Kyiv History Museum. Our museum presented the exhibition “How Goodly Are Thy Tents, O Jacob…Wall Paintings in Bukovinian Synagogues”. The representatives of the embassies of Israel, Germany and the USA and also scholars, culture experts and citizens of Kyiv […]

Hedwig Brenner

On the 23rd of January 2017 Hedwig Brenner passed away at the age of 98 in Haifa. We lost an important Bukovynian personality, who was always an ardent Czernowitzerin in her heart. Her personal stories, which drew a vivid picture of her birthplace, are legendary. She treated her visitors with Totsch, Schmettentorte and other Bukovynian […]

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Today, 72 years ago, the concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz was set free by troops of the Red Army; since 2005 it is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Although the name Auschwitz stands today like no other for the German policy of extermination, this was only the one place of mass murder among many. Today […]

Merry Hanukkah! Merry Christmas!

The season of blessing is coming, that is why we would like to congratulate you with the coming winter holidays. For those, who celebrate Hanukkah we wish peace, success, security. May your friends, family and fun be always with you! We hope the spirit of Hanukkah fills you with happiness and warmth! And may your […]