• Joe Lieberman and his wife visited our museum

  • Cor Roos: «The Holocaust — an unforgotten page of the history of Ukraine»

  • Great Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah

  • The Destiny of Chernivtsi Jews in the witnesses’ memories and the presentations of pupils

  • From the Prut to the Rhein

  • The memorial sign “Stolperschwelle” had to be canceled

Hedwig Brenner

On the 23rd of January 2017 Hedwig Brenner passed away at the age of 98 in Haifa. We lost an important Bukovynian personality, who was always an ardent Czernowitzerin in her heart. Her personal stories, which drew a vivid picture of her birthplace, are legendary. She treated her visitors with Totsch, Schmettentorte and other Bukovynian […]

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Today, 72 years ago, the concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz was set free by troops of the Red Army; since 2005 it is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Although the name Auschwitz stands today like no other for the German policy of extermination, this was only the one place of mass murder among many. Today […]

Merry Hanukkah! Merry Christmas!

The season of blessing is coming, that is why we would like to congratulate you with the coming winter holidays. For those, who celebrate Hanukkah we wish peace, success, security. May your friends, family and fun be always with you! We hope the spirit of Hanukkah fills you with happiness and warmth! And may your […]

Presentation of the book “Life as the search for Paradise»

Dear friends, the presentation of the book “Life as the search for Paradise. The emigration of the Jews from Chernivtsi region (1944-1991)” took place yesterday at our museum. A lot of well-known scholars in the fields of science and culture, representatives of the Jewish community and interested citizens attended the presentation. The presentation was held […]

Exhibition Opening: How Goodly Are Thy Tents, O Jacob

Dear friends, on Sunday we celebrated the opening of our new exhibitions about wall paintings in Bukovinian synagogues. Representatives of Jewish organisations from Ukraine and Romania, officials of the town and consulates located here as well as many guests and citizens of Chernivtsi attended the vernissage in the Sweet Art Gallery. After brief addresses and […]

Best wishes on the Jewish holiday Rosh-ha-Shana!

Dear friends and visitors! Best wishes on the Jewish holiday Rosh-ha-Shana! Time’s passing and again one Jewish year has gone. The turn of the year gives everyone a chance to stop and muse about what was and what will be. On this great Jewish holiday we sincerely wish you all the best and a healthy […]

The Wall Paintings in Bukovinian Synagogues

First admiring glance at a new book on wall paintings in Bukovinian synagogues, with the Director of the Chernivtsi Museum of History & Culture of Bukovinian Jews, Mykola Kushnir.   Marla Raucher Osborn’s Facebook  

Chassidic Sadhora — Restoration Works & Jewish Cemetery

Marla Raucher Osborn, Jay Osborn, Christian Herrmann A significant and historically important seat of the 19th-20th century Chassidic movement, Sadhora (Polish: Sadagóra; Romanian: Sadagura; Yiddish: סאדיגורא Sadigora) located 6 km outside Chernivtsi city was 90% Jewish before WW2. For the last several years, the rabbinical palace has been undergoing extensive renovation, in fits and starts. […]