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Happy New Year!

Dear visitors of our website! Dear friends of the museum and dear colleagues, For those who live according to the Jewish calendar, the New Year is only on its initial stage. And those, who plan their lives according to the Christian tradition, are preparing to turn the last pages of 2017. For our museum this […]

Historic Cemeteries in Ruin

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, held annually on January 27 since it was designated by the United Nations in 2005, is typically marked with public events. But for many Jewish communities in Eastern Europe, the day is a painful reminder that historic Jewish cemeteries lie in states of ruin, ignored by local municipalities as well as […]

Hag Hanukkah samech!

Dear visitors of our website, Soon all of us will celebrate the great Jewish holiday – Hanukkah! It is the holiday of hope and expectation for a miracle to happen, like the one that happened in the Jerusalem Temple many centuries ago. Then Lord bestowed miraculous light on the Jews for their courage, persistence and […]

Learn to Remember

Dear visitors of our website, On 16 November the Chernivtsi Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovynian Jews presented its project with the working title “A Children’s Book with Comics and Photos about the Holocaust in Bukovyna” within the framework of the opening of the exhibition entitled “The Workshops of Memory”. This exhibition was […]

The star risen in Chernivtsi. In memory of Joseph Schmidt

16th of November is the 75th anniversary Joseph Schmidt’s death – a genius lyrical tenor from the Bukovynian village Davydeny (today Davydivka). His wonderful voice brought world fame not only to him but also to Chernivtsi. Portrait of Joseph Schmidt Chernivtsi is the very city where Joseph Schmidt’s career began in the boys’ choir of […]

Joe Lieberman and his wife visited our museum

Dear friends, Joe Lieberman and his wife visited our museum yesterday. Mr. Lieberman was a United States Senator from Connecticut and also was the Democratic nominee for Vice-President in 2000. So he was the first Jewish candidate on a major American political party presidential ticket. Mr. Lieberman was amazed by our museum and by Chernivtsi. […]

Cor Roos: «The Holocaust — an unforgotten page of the history of Ukraine»

Dear friends, the lecture «The Holocaust — an unforgotten page of the history of Ukraine» and the presentation of the book «Born to Suffer? The Catastrophe in Ukraine 1941-1945» took place on October 4th, in the Chernivtsi National University, at the faculty of history, political studies and international affairs. The lecture was given by the […]

Great Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah

Dear visitors of our website dear friends, We congratulate you on the great Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah! Soon the sound of Shofar will proclaim the beginning of the New Year 5778! The New Year’s Eve is a great opportunity to look back on the whole year, correct mistakes and forgive all offences.  We are very […]