Архивы за месяц: Август 2016

The Wall Paintings in Bukovinian Synagogues

First admiring glance at a new book on wall paintings in Bukovinian synagogues, with the Director of the Chernivtsi Museum of History & Culture of Bukovinian Jews, Mykola Kushnir.   Marla Raucher Osborn’s Facebook  

Chassidic Sadhora — Restoration Works & Jewish Cemetery

Marla Raucher Osborn, Jay Osborn, Christian Herrmann A significant and historically important seat of the 19th-20th century Chassidic movement, Sadhora (Polish: Sadagóra; Romanian: Sadagura; Yiddish: סאדיגורא Sadigora) located 6 km outside Chernivtsi city was 90% Jewish before WW2. For the last several years, the rabbinical palace has been undergoing extensive renovation, in fits and starts. […]