Архивы за месяц: Май 2015

Ukrainian Jewish Encounter to host international seminar on propaganda in Kyiv and Lviv

For the first time in the history of independent Ukraine there is broad public debate over complex issues related to the mechanisms, impact, and consequences of propaganda disseminated by totalitarian imperial regimes as they provoked and legitimized the liquidation of peoples during Stalin’s Holodomor and deportation of the Crimean Tatars, and Hitler’s Holocaust. On June […]

“Bon appetit!”

Good morning, dear friends! Have you had your breakfast yet? Usually, to get enough energy we have a cup of coffee and some cereal, right? Apparently, it was so here even in 1900 since at that time one of the most popular advertisements in the Chernivtsi press was the ad for the “Quäker Oats”. Well, […]

The Shtreimel

The Shtreimel is a headpiece worn over the kippah by Jewish men during religious holidays, Shabbat and other festivities. Made out of velvet and fur (for example marten fur) the Shtreimel is a special treasure. Original worn in Eastern Europe by married Hasidic men; nowadays it is not only used in the Hasidism but also […]