Архивы за месяц: Февраль 2015


The besamim box is an ornate spice box used during the ceremony “Havdala” at the end of Shabbat which defines the distinction between holidays and working days. The box is filled with spices like clove, cinnamon and nutmeg and in a symbolic way it should fill the home with the special aroma from Shabbat till […]

The students of elementary schools have visited our museum.

Recently students of elementary schools have visited our museum. It seems that so young visitors are especially curious! Exhibits in display cases got a lot of student’s attention. However, the most memorable part was our short practical seminar, when we learnt about kippah, tallis, menorah and many other interesting things!      

Selma’s birthday

Today Selma Merbaum-Eisinger would turn 91. However the life of the girl ended too early, in 1942 after deportation to Transnistria. So today during the excursion, w…hen we were talking to our young visitors about the Holocaust, we told them the story of Selma. The children trying to commemorate her memory drew some pictures for […]

Short Hebrew-English-Ukrainian vocabulary

Did you ever wanted to learn Hebrew for a trip to Israel or just to increase your knowledge? Then we can help you for the start because we will post every month some simple words in English and Ukrainian with Hebrew translation. Enjoy your process of learning! The first vocabularies are the most important words […]

Admission charges (valid from February 1, 2015)

Admission charges Adults – 12 UAH Students – 6 UAH Pupils – 5 UAH Children (10 and under) free   Audio guides (up to 10 people) Adults – 8 UAH Students – 5 UAH Pupils – 4 UAH   Guided Tours Regular price for a guided tour – 120 UAH Guided tours for student groups – 60 […]